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Doing Things That Don't Scale: Supporting our First Customer

Paul Graham’s seminal essay “Do Things That Don’t Scale” describes a company’s fragile, nascent days when commitment to excellent customer service can determine success versus failure. And, importantly, how this commitment can imprint the DNA of a company as it grows and scales. In addition to Paul Graham’s anecdotes from YC, we reflect on our recent experiences with cloud providers and the strong impression Microsoft made with unparalleled customer service to support us with resources.…
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Build in Public Zoo: A Community of AI Innovators

Join us on Discord At Remyx, we work to catalyze the coming Cambrian explosion of AI applications, and our mission is to make ML radically more accessible. We see lean teams applying AI to tackle practical customer service challenges. And we can maximize our leverage by crafting tools that empower builders to realize their visions more rapidly and cost-effectively than ever before. We aim to bridge the gap for users who may be rich in ideas while lacking the resourcesβ€”data, computing, or expertiseβ€”to embed custom machine learning into their products.…
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Automated Data Processing: How LLMs with Tools Simplify Data Wrangling

Check out our open source project FFMPerative and try the Remyx Engine today! We built the Remyx Model Engine to make it straightforward for anybody to create computer vision models regardless of access to data & compute resources or machine learning expertise. But model training is a tiny part of the machine learning (ML) lifecycle, and a discipline around systematizing the development and maintenance of ML applications has emerged called MLOps.…
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