Build in Public Zoo: A Community of AI Innovators

Posted on Oct 9, 2023

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At Remyx, we work to catalyze the coming Cambrian explosion of AI applications, and our mission is to make ML radically more accessible. We see lean teams applying AI to tackle practical customer service challenges. And we can maximize our leverage by crafting tools that empower builders to realize their visions more rapidly and cost-effectively than ever before.

We aim to bridge the gap for users who may be rich in ideas while lacking the resources—data, computing, or expertise—to embed custom machine learning into their products.

Imagine a world where budding entrepreneurs turbocharge their go-to-market strategies, unfettered by the minutiae that could slow them down. Remyx manages data annotation to train custom models, enabling businesses to iterate at lightning speed so our users can cater to their customers.

Since the beginning of our journey, we have emphasized Product-Led Growth (PLG), rooted in the conviction that a stellar user experience resonates far and wide. However, relying on this strategy alone leaves you vulnerable to the cold-start problem without a community around your product. By building in a vacuum, startups face the chicken-or-the-egg quandary. And everyone knows that building a startup is a tremendous endeavor, and greatness sprouts from the heart of a community.

Our objective to train 10,000 models in 2024 necessitates recalibrating our strategy.

Adopting a bottoms-up approach to B2B allows you to experience our product sooner. As we expand our services to automate more MLOps, we’ll develop a user experience that makes Remyx the stickiest component of your stack.

But along with great products, we also have to open communication channels to deliver great value. Having been in the position of building ML applications across industries and data modalities, we empathize with our customers, we are you. But we must also hear from you to learn about your specific needs and challenges as they arise, so we’re launching the Build In Public Zoo Discord server.

Through our experiences on Discord, including the servers of Luxonis, LAION, HuggingFace, Hackster, and FlipperZero, we learned what we loved from these communities. Discord provides a unique social experience as a medium, quite distinct from platforms like X, Reddit, or TikTok.

Drawing inspiration from innovative groups like MidJourney, which have harnessed Discord expertly, we understood the incredible value of community. Additionally, we find ourselves indebted to IndieHackers, who’ve underscored the importance of this sense of belonging.

More recently, while chatting with the “King of community management,” Rex St. John, framed the concept of “Community as the UI.”

But who asked for another Discord server? What differentiates ours is an emphasis on sharing our startup journey as builders and entrepreneurs and even easier access to our suite of AI tools to help bring you along in yours. And so we’re making the clarion call to builders of all feathers: Join our “Build In Public Zoo”.

We’ll cultivate a maker menagerie as a space to grow, evolve, and soar together. Consider it a sanctuary for candid conversation, where we’ll foster meaningful interactions and share insights from the diverse “animals” in our zoo.

Welcome to the Jungle! Join us on Discord