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RemyxAI's Backstage Pass: Sharing the AI Reasoning that Powers the Easiest Way to Customize Vision

Sign up for a complimentary custom computer vision model trained in minutes using our automated machine learning (AutoML) engine with synthetic data; no code or data is necessary with Remyx! Recent breakthroughs in fine-tuning large language models (LLMs) have enabled millions to benefit from artificial intelligence in new and exciting ways. Compared to the previous generation of language models, modern techniques can bestow a remarkable capacity to follow user instructions. This ability can help developers simplify applications while providing a more flexible and personalized experience by enriching user prompts with business logic.…
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Chat Your Way to Custom AI: Effortlessly Create Tailored Vision Models with Remyx's Custom Model Assistant

Check out our new chat feature - Remyx Engine! Remyx AI started with a mission to make custom machine-learning models accessible to builders by packaging workflows often reserved for AI experts. We saw a chance to live up to the vision of autoML and while our initial app simplified and abstracted the workflows, by incorporating a natural language interface, we further reduced the expertise needed to get results. Anybody wanting to build an ML-enabled product can get to it with reduced reliance on costly AI experience to translate their vision into an actionable model.…
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Bringing Vision to the Big Stage with Remyx AI ft. Databricks

Access this guide’s notebook here! Many groups need help to make sense of all the images and videos lying in cloud blob storage. They’re trying to wrangle β€œunstructured data” – info that’s not neatly organized and labeled or fitting a tabular format. It takes a lot of work to turn all those images and video clips into helpful information for the business. Bringing structure to this medium typically means employing deep learning to infer semantic information.…
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