Chat Your Way to Custom AI: Effortlessly Create Tailored Vision Models with Remyx's Custom Model Assistant

Posted on May 5, 2023

Check out our new chat feature - Remyx Engine!

Remyx AI started with a mission to make custom machine-learning models accessible to builders by packaging workflows often reserved for AI experts. We saw a chance to live up to the vision of autoML and while our initial app simplified and abstracted the workflows, by incorporating a natural language interface, we further reduced the expertise needed to get results.

Anybody wanting to build an ML-enabled product can get to it with reduced reliance on costly AI experience to translate their vision into an actionable model. Ultimately, by combining image generators with autoML, we create an experience similar to finding your perfect model in a model zoo.

Along our journey to make a super user-friendly machine learning platform, we developed an API that even an agent can use to handle requests using simple, everyday language. This was made possible by analyzing our OpenAPI spec, a standard open format for API documentation.

This demo showed how our engine could be even more flexible by handling requests through chat. And so we now introduce the Custom Model Assistant, a handy tool to help you build the perfect model for your app!

chat assistant

And though much of AI innovation is published in English, speakers of any language can unlock its potential with our new chat UI.

Using chat, we can tailor the interface to meet users where they’re at, making it a breeze to create custom machine-learning applications. But there’s even more to gain! Natural text input also gives us extra signals to fine-tune our engine for common use cases.

Large language models have proven valuable thanks to their powerful reasoning abilities. They are great at understanding and processing what people say or type, which means they can help create robust sample data that fits the situation perfectly. This way, we create datasets that are just right for your application.

Adding chat to the Remyx Engine makes it more interactive and supports the speedy addition of new features. These features can take advantage of GPT-4’s ability to learn on the fly without requiring many examples. The chat assistant makes creating custom AI models for your projects faster and more accessible, like putting the development on rails.

In-context learning is a powerful technique that makes creating custom machine-learning models a piece of the cake while using fewer resources. By understanding the context and using it to learn, these models can adapt and provide better results tailored to specific needs.

Recapping, Remix AI makes it easy for builders to create custom machine-learning models by simplifying workflows and using the power of chat. Custom Model Assistant leverages GPT-4’s fantastic reasoning abilities and in-context learning to help you craft the perfect model for your app.

Need help determining the specifics for the model you need for your use case or looking for a recommended approach? With Remyx AI’s Custom Model Assistant, you can dive right in and create the ideal machine-learning model for your needs without breaking a sweat.

So give it a try! Test out the new Custom Model Assistant for the Remyx Engine today, and discover how it can revolutionize how you build machine learning models! With our user-friendly interface and powerful features, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.