Doing Things That Don't Scale: Supporting our First Customer

Posted on Oct 14, 2023

things that don’t scale

Paul Graham’s seminal essay “Do Things That Don’t Scale” describes a company’s fragile, nascent days when commitment to excellent customer service can determine success versus failure. And, importantly, how this commitment can imprint the DNA of a company as it grows and scales.

In addition to Paul Graham’s anecdotes from YC, we reflect on our recent experiences with cloud providers and the strong impression Microsoft made with unparalleled customer service to support us with resources.

We founded Remyx AI aiming to facilitate a radically easy service for customizing machine learning models. And we continue to find opportunities to support our customer’s automation needs.

Ade and team at Teramina are making food production more efficient by supporting aquaculture farmers with automation. They are using computer vision systems to help gather valuable analytics. Here, custom machine learning is a small, but key requirement and our competitors do not serve the challenge they must confront.

Specifically, they are counting many small objects in an image and the time it takes to annotate images manually means less time to focus on delivering an unforgettable customer experience.

shrimp farming

And so we accepted the challenge to automate a solution for creating a labeled dataset and training a model to detect/count many small objects. This meant escalating a feature in our product roadmap and validating our pipeline manually. But with the insights gathered through this partnership, we can address a difficult problem many others face to deploy computer vision while simultaneously cultivating goodwill with a fellow founder.

While we currently streamline custom computer vision models for image classification, segmentation, and object detection, specialized for deployment from cloud servers down to microcontrollers, we are working to address your machine learning needs across data modalities regardless of the limitations you face with data and compute resources.

By reducing the need for data, compute, and expertise, we’ll help you through these challenges from day 0. We’re committed to continuous improvements by leveraging advances in the state-of-the-art of AI to help you reach new heights with automation. By meeting our customers where they are, at an earlier stage with fewer resources, and developing solutions to deliver continuous value, we can reach underserved customers using our automated cloud.

Teramina At Remyx AI, we are thrilled to take a small part in your journey to implement AI to meet your customer’s needs. We hope you consider our solution for radically easy AI as you grow and scale your business.

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